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To: Congressman Tom Osborne

From: Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON)
Bob Rothwell, Secretary

Date: March 11, 2005

Re: Cubin/Herseth Resolution (H.J.R. 23)
Resolution to block USDA Rule as to Canadian Border Opening

Dear Congressman Osborne,

I am writing to you on behalf of an Independent Cattlemen’s organization that has formed in Nebraska. You might know that ICON is a newly formed State organization of independent producers and feeders. In just 3 weeks since inception this group has over 200 members and growing every day. You might also know that
ICON is an affiliate of R-Calf USA, a national group that represents our interests.

We have made it known that we support R-Calf in their legal efforts to protect our cattle industry and consumer health in the recent injunction granted by a federal judge in Montana to delay reopening of the Canadian border. Our organization has raised thousands of dollars to assist with this process.

Our belief is that the USDA should not place the health and welfare of both US consumers and US cattle herd at risk by trying to force through a regulation motivated by politics, not science. Additionally, if the USDA is allowed to lower our safety protocols on beef imports, US export markets will be negatively impacted.

As our Representative, we think it is imperative that you understand how important your support for the Cubin/Herseth Resolution is to our economy and livelihood in the Third District and the State of Nebraska. We are asking you to be a co-sponsor of H.J.R. 23, on our behalf, and support it’s passage in the US House of Representatives when it comes up for a vote.

We would like to set up a conference call with you, as soon as possible, in order to discuss this issue.

Please contact me by phone or e-mail. I will be awaiting your response.


Bob Rothwell

ICON Board of Directors: CC: Congressman Terry
Congressman Fortenberry
Robert D. Rothwell, Hyannis
Chris Abbott, Gordon
Korley Sears, Ainsworth
Al Davis, Hyannis
Dave Wright, Neligh