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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 21, 2005

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ICON Applauds Senator Nelson for Delaying Imports of Japanese Beef

(Hyannis, NE) - Members of the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska heralded
Tuesday's Senate vote preventing imports of Japanese beef as simply a common
sense approach to dealing with our trading partners. The amendment,
proposed by Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), would restrict funding for USDA's
plan to re-establish imports from Japan until they agree to accept U.S.

"It makes no sense to expand our domestic market for Japanese
beef while their market for American beef remains closed," Nelson said
Monday from an Omaha grocery store. "U.S. beef is the safest, highest
quality beef in the world. Japan has had numerous incidents of mad cow
disease in their own herds. We've had two."

ICON president Chris Abbott said, "Recent free trade agreements seem to give
increasing opportunities to foreign producers to access our markets. It's
high time we recognize that additional trade opportunities for our domestic
cattle producers must be realized before we accept additional imports."

"The USDA and the Administration need to demonstrate their willingness to
make exports of U.S. beef products a priority" said Al Davis of Hyannis.
"We are currently facing unfair and illegal trade barriers in places like
the European Union. Until we gain access to additional markets, ICON and
its members will continue to oppose trade agreements that are 'one-way

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