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Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska, Inc.


For release on Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 10a.m. CST      

Five independent Nebraska Cattlemen announced today that they are forming a new advocacy group for the industry.
The "Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska" are being organized by Chris Abbott, Gordon,  Dave Wright, Neligh,
Bob Rothwell, Hyannis,  Korley Sears, Ainsworth, Al Davis, Hyannis.  All five persons involved in the organization's formation are members of R-Calf, a National Association, advocating the continuing importance of the independent cattlemen to American Agriculture.
Abbott, speaking for his group, said " 'Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska' is formed today because the alternative organization, which has served the State for a long time, is no longer primarily interested in the producer."  Abbott continued, "Our friends at the Nebraska Cattlemen's Association include a wide range of non-producer people among its members.  Our organization requires one must own cattle to be a member.  Packers are not invited to attend."
In recent weeks, a sharp controversy has developed between the Nebraska Cattlemen and its affiliation with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association on one hand, and persons associated with R-Calf,  a group formed in Montana in 1998, which has now grown to a nationwide membership of more than 12,000 dues paying members and 60 affiliates in 46 states.  This division has focused, according to Abbott on "the needs of the producer, which are served by R-Calf." 
It has become very obvious that one organization, the NCBA, cannot  represent all sectors of our industry.  With the major issues confronting us there are conflicts of interest within our industry.  Rural America cannot survive unless independent cattlemen and businessmen stand shoulder to  shoulder to not only insure their future but also the next generation.