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PRESS RELEASE: Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON)
FOR MORE INFORMATION: ICON Executive Director Destry Brown, 308-458-2244
or ICON Director Chris Abbott, 308-282-2826.

ICON to Charter Bus to Ft. Collins for Packers & Stockyards Act Hearing Before USDA and DOJ

On June 24, the Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON) hosted a meeting for producers with the Organization of Competitive Markets in Valentine, NE. ICON was encouraged to see close to 100 producers in attendance interested in listening to the OCM representatives.
The presenters included OCM board members, Mike Callicrate, Randy Stephenson and Executive Director Fred Stokes. A question and answer period allowed producers to gain information which otherwise would not be available. ICON members learned about the lack of a competitive market and the recently released proposed rule changes to the Packer and Stockers Act.
McVain Trading was also present and gave a market forecast. With the current forecast, the cattlemen were forced to face hard facts about the current condition of the calf market, which predict it is not sustainable.
ICON encourages producers to get involved and make sure the proposed rules in the Packers and Stockers act are upheld. As producers today, there is a golden opportunity to have everyone's voice heard. By logging onto the Federal Registry site, the proposed rules can be read and comments made as an individual or group.
Besides commenting, which is very important, ICON also encourages members and cattlemen across the state of Nebraska to mark their calendars for August 27. At 8:00 a.m., in Fort Collins, CO, a scheduled meeting will be conducted with the Department of Justice and USDA to hear comments on the Packers and Stockers Act.
"We as producers need to take this opportunity to help shape the future of our industry." said ICON Executive Director Destry Brown. "The time to be proactive and get involved is now."
Realizing the importance of this meeting and what a tremendous opportunity this is for cattlemen to speak up, ICON is organizing a charter bus to take producers to Fort Collins. Many details will be ironed out but it is possible more than one bus will be chartered and more than one route planned. ICON is already contacting sponsors to reduce the price of the bus. Producers would be responsible for the overnight stay and meals. ICON will reserve a block of rooms in advance.
Each charter bus holds 56 passengers and ICON is asking for advance registration in order to determine number and routes of buses. Brown is taking registrations at 308-458-2244. Sign-up deadline is August 6th. ICON Communications Director Linda Wuebben can be contacted also for more information at 402-357-3778.
It's time for cattlemen in Nebraska to take a stand and speak out. Don't miss the opportunity to influence changes in the cattle industry.


Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska
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