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Mission Statement
To all who made ICON's
2014 Annual Convention
a great success!

A message to our fellow independent cattlemen of Nebraska and across the United States from the ICON Board of Directors:

Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON) has been formed in Nebraska to represent, promote, and protect the interests of only independent cattle producers and feeders.

It has become clear that some of the major issues concerning our cattle industry have advanced to the 11th hour and are in direct conflict with other sectors of our industry.

One organization has been representing us all. It's foolish to assume, however, that one organization can continually represent three different segments of the industry fully and equally.

"We must stand together ---to honor our past, protect our present, and provide for our future."

The cattle industry is a major industry in Nebraska. In order to keep our state economy strong we need an independent voice that represents our cattle industry and our interests at the state level, and to work with Nebraska’s elected officials in Washington, D. C.

We must stand together---to honor our past, to protect our present, and to provide for our future. We look forward to working with you in our new organization and hope you'll join today.

ICON is affiliated with national organizations with which we share common interests.

Annual dues are $100 per year.

We welcome your calls if you have any questions about ICON and our mission.

Thank You,

ICON Board of Directors

Photo by Becky Wenz - Firth, NE
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